"The ideal teacher guides his students but does not pull them along; he urges them to go forward and does not suppress them; he opens the way but does not take them to the place."



Educating the hand to perform, understanding how you mind perceives what your eyes see & drawing techniques are the corner stones of my method. You will learn more than how to drawing, your will learn learn how your mind works.


WordPress, HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Social Media Strategies, & Responsive Design are some of the required tools for a successful web sites. Let me help you take charge your development projects.


Ever since I could hold a pencil an irresistible need to search and capture all the splendors of our world lived inside me. The features on a German Gothic church, a statue, a human figure, my favorite cartoons, or nature; I just had to seize it.Even though I did have decades of drawing wonderful work and yet, I still did not believe enough in my drawing abilities.  That is until I learned the Master Art Drawing Technique at The George Washington University School. Being in an Information Systems major, I had to petition for that capstone class that is usually reserved to the Art Majors. Professor Frank Wright taught this subject and granted me the right to enroll. He must have seen something in my art and he did test my aptitudes to draw live figures before taking me in.

Finishing this class finally helped me make my mark in the art world and to feel part of the Prestigious Renaissance Era’s private club of Michalangelo and Da Vinci. I now know the right papers to use, how to paint it, what are the appropriate pencils to do lights and shadows, and I know how to present my art in a professional manner. This was the boost in the know-how and in the confidence that gave me the courage to take on exhibits. This is the torch I wish to gift to my pupils.

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Teaching The Aries House Studio
The Arise House Studio, Silver Spring/Rockville, MD
The Arise House Studio, Silver Spring/Rockville, MD
The Arise House Studio, Silver Spring/Rockville, MD
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