The Aries House Art Studio

Back-drop and lights setup

Endless Possibilities

This space goes beyond your average photography studio. It can host drawing sessions, workshops of art, Yoga classes and much more. Do not hesitate to discuss any creative ideas and send me a message HERE. I can guarantee you a great deal!

Photo Shoots

Tying Ballet Shoes

Yoga Sessions

Work Shops

Material List


Action Photography

Power Of Light

Pearl Piper

Fine Art Photography

Pearl Piper


Portraits & Passport ID's



Drawing Sessions

with live models

Layouts & Equipments

Aries House Studio


  • Large Bay-window for natural light and stylized pictures
  • Side-small window for natural light
  • Black & white curtains with French Baroque motif
  • Dedicated in-&-out main entrance door
  • Own half-bath room
  • Changing room
  • Oriental-setup living room

Fully equipped with:

  • Backdrops (Choice of colors: black, white, light grey, light blue, and green)
  • Strobe light
  • White umbrellas
  • Reflection umbrellas
  • Hair light
  • Reflection light with umbrellas
  • Flash
  • Canon camera
  • Full-motion camera tripod
  • Set of 4 remote camera-flash triggers

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