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How It All Began

Listening to and playing guitar had a very interesting stemming point for me. And it all began with ENIGMA.

Growing up I was very much into Baroque & ambiance music. Along withe the occasional songs that my parents and friends introduced me to. In 1990 Enigma was this New Age Worldbeat band that used edgy tendencies mixed with really captivating Gregorian chants. Their Mea Culpa title featured a guitar solo that just enchanted me. When my neighbor Nani heard how much I liked it he immediately introduced me to the Pink Floyd. The mixed tape he gave me was a selection of lives. The song that got me the most was Sorrow. The blasted distorted guitar on its intro was out of this world. Nani quickly realized I needed something stronger and suggested I talk to my other neighbor Samir. By then it already was 1991 which  I personally call the Golden Year of Thrash. A surge of Earth-shaking albums came out that year for Metal, Thrash & Grunge bands. Megadeth, SuicidalTendencies, Nirvana, Pantera, Paradise Lost and of course my favorite band Metallica had their Black Album Released. I heard The Unforgiven and I just had to learn how to play it. And the rest is history.







Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich
James Hetfield
Robert Trojillo
Robert Trujillo
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Kirk Hammett


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