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I am looking for relatively fit figure art models to partner with in open drawing sessions and photography shoots. My studio is in the Rockville/Silver Spring area, DC. The exact address will be provided to models directly. An e-mail will go out with proposed dates. Groups of artists, models and photographers will then be formed accordingly. There are opportunities for week days, weekend-ends, day-times or evenings. There is also room to discuss few special requests or preferences before committing to a session.

Fill-out this form to inform me about your modeling format preferences.

    Modeling Format

    Figure ModelPhotography Model

    Models in the nude?


    Rates per hour ($)

    Figure Drawing (Nude)

    Portrait Drawing

    Photography (Dressed)

    Photography (nude)


    Two Drawing
    Modeling Formats

    Models will take poses ranging from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the techniques I wish students to learn. I will be very involved providing instructions to students and asking models for specific classical drawing poses; and they will be comfortable. The classes will run for two-and-half hours

    1. Figure Art Drawing

    Figure Vector - Free-hand sketching

    2. Open drawing

    Daniel Maidman - Figure

    Duration and format of these sessions will vary. People and models signing up will be set in groups according to their preferences. My involvement during these sessions will mostly be limited to a facilitator. My expertise in drawing techniques will be provided upon personal requests. And I will help with setups and collecting votes for specific ideas.

    Empowering models in what they do is a big goal of mine to accomplish. Models are given the opportunity to book photographers at my studio. This will provide a safe and secure environment, allow models to have full amenities, reduce time of traveling, reduce costs, and maximize profit. My studio can (comfortably) accommodate about 4 photographers at a time.

    How do I achieve empowerment? Being a mentor whenever I can, a teacher or a friend are a way for me to share knowledge and bring our uniqueness and strengths together. Times challenging, and by joining forces we can alleviate some of the burdens we experience. My motto, let’s get regular people together to accomplish greatness.

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