Mastering the Lines

Drawing Course

Regardless of experience or age this course has shown remarkable improvements in artistry.

Join and learn the essential skills and foundations of drawing. Acquire techniques to train your hand for masterful line drawing with comprehensive notions in proportions, shapes, shadows, and lights.

Taught by
Lamine Hamdad

This is a two-session class to help pupils build the essential foundation to their drawing skills.

The material of this class is based after the Fine Art Master Drawing Technique which was perfected during the Renaissance Era (14th to 17th century) by masters such as Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo. These lessons have literally expended my personal abilities. It has given me a very professional and clean approach to make and present my art. This resulted in providing me with the boost in confidence to successfully showcase my work in spaces such as the Alliance Française (French Alliance), The Art League and many other distinguished venues.

Offered online or in person, class is taught in a very relaxed and fun environment to heighten the expansion of creativity.