Drawing Sessions

Drawing Classes

Private and group drawing sessions are offered at my Aries House Studio located in the Rockville/Silver Spring area.
1. Open drawing sessions: Duration and format of these sessions will vary. People and models signing up will be set in groups according to their preferences. My involvement during these sessions will mostly be limited to a facilitator and collecting votes for specific ideas to draw. My expertise in drawing techniques will be provided upon personal requests.
2. Human figure studies: Models will take poses ranging from 5 to 30 minutes for students to acquire the necessary techniques. I will be very involved in providing instructions to students. These sessions are two-and-half hours long.
3. Portraits studies: These sessions will focus on the study of the human figure and drawing practical cases from live models or images.


My goal is to offer classes at very affordable and adjustable rates that will depend on how many people sign up. The base line for classes will be as follow:

1. Open drawing session – $50

2. Human figure studies – With model $100 / Without model $50

3. Portrait studies – With model $80 / Without model $50 Be advised: The human figure model will be in the nude.

Once I know how many people sign up you will be given your adjusted reduced rate. Fill-out the booking request form bellow if interested and we will discuss scheduling your workshop session.

Booking Request

    Open Drawing Sessions

    Open drawing session $50

    Human Figure Studies

    Figure Study With model $150Figure Study Without model $50

    Portrait Studies

    Portrait Study With model $100Portrait Study Without model $50